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Things to Avoid Ever Putting down Your Kitchen Sink

What to avoid putting down kitchen sink

We strive to ensure your kitchen sink is always usable and functional, so we're offering some advice on things to avoid putting down your sink to avoid a backup. A professional drain cleaning from our plumbing company will get your sink operating as it should once more, but you can avoid the need for that work by never putting the following items down your sink:


"A few eggshells down the disposal will keep it sharp" is an old piece of advice—old and inaccurate. You should never put eggshells down your kitchen sink, as they will more than likely . . .

  • Dull disposal blades
  • Catch on seams in pipe joints
  • Contribute to a mass of material

Coffee Grounds

It might seem tempting to chunk your coffee grounds down the sink as you wash your coffee pot, but avoid that temptation. Coffee grounds can create a substantial clog that requires a professional drain cleaning to rectify.

Produce Stickers

As you wash your produce, you may think it's efficient to wash any stickers off and let them go down the drain. However, produce stickers can create an adhesive effect in your drains, leading to a mass of material buildup that requires professional cleaning.

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